Total Calls
Resolved in 24hrs

In the last 90 days, we dealt with over 13,500 Support Calls.

We never want someone to have an issue, but we ALWAYS encourage our customers to call for any reason… because support doesn’t cost, it pays!

24/7 Support – Paid Antivirus – Backups – Technical Know-How

And more important… people who know your business!

We support all Point of Sale systems. For you.

If your customer’s printer stops printing… or the network causes issues… or their software stops working…
let us handle it. We answer the phone and handle the problem as you. You can rest easy knowing that the POS professionals have your back 24/7. Better support means happier customers, more time for you and more profit for your Point of Sale company. We provide a fully “White Label” solution, seamlessly providing your customers with professional, courteous and fast support around the clock.

iiiPOS. Innovative. Inspired. Integrity.

Increase Profits

  • Uptime Before iiiPOS Support70%
  • Uptime With iiiPOS Support95%

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Why choose iiiPOS Support?
It’s simple.

Increase Satisfaction
Boost your company’s satisfaction index by ensuring your customer’s integral systems are secure and working flawlessly.
Save Time
Spend your time doing what you do best: Selling new systems and nurturing client relationships.
Great Support
We provide your customers with the support they need to keep your Point of Sale systems ringing through order after order.

Call now: 1-888-666-7074


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